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Making self-accounting accessible & affordable

Self-accounting doesn’t have to be difficult. As long as you get all the right tools. With Dexxter you get it all in 1 platform.

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EN - How Dexxter works
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“Accounting app should make entrepreneurship approachable”


“Dexxter, the right hand in accounting for dummies”


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Dexxter raises 450,000 euros”

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“Dexxter easily saves €1,000 in accounting costs.”

Why do the accounting yourself?

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Little money

For as little as €180, you will be set for a whole year of accounting.

Weinig tijd

Little time

Creating invoices takes about 1′ and a tax return is all set in less than 3′.

Meer gemoedsrust

More peace of mind

Never miss an accounting deadline thanks to the timeline and reminders.

Meer inzicht

Greater insight

See at a glance how much you still have to receive and pay (including taxes).

Meer begrip

Greater understanding

No previous knowledge needed, you will get a better grasp of accounting.

Get it all in 1 platform  ⚒️

The accounting platform for all sole proprietors

Everything you need to do your own accounting as a sole proprietor at your fingertips. No accountant needed, but it can also be done with an accountant. Errors are corrected automatically. You can rest assured that everything is 100% in order.

Invoices & quotes

Send them in a few clicks via convenient templates.

Managing expenses

All your expenses always entered correctly. Photos of receipts via the app.


Get your tax declarations in order automatically. File them in up to 3 minutes.

Insights at a glance

Always get a grip on your figures. Never miss any deadline thanks to your personal timeline.

Ask your questions

Ask all your questions to our great community.

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4,9 / 5 ⭐ on Google


"I am so glad that with my small business I don't have super high costs with an accountant. Although I was afraid to do my own accounting at first, thanks to Dexxter's help, I can do this just fine by myself...."


"The application is easy to use and works superbly. There is a very extensive knowledge centre (articles and videos) that provides excellent guidance...”


"Dexxter is a super handy and very user-friendly tool for not losing track of your finances. Moreover, they also have a built-in learning environment..."

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For all starters & all sole proprietors

Your environment is set up specifically for your statute, so you automatically comply with all Belgian obligations.

Not satisfied? Money back!

Does Dexxter turn out not to be a match after you have subscribed? You can ask for a refund within 60 days of entering into an annual subscription. 

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4,9 / 5 ⭐ on Google

Already 1.500+ Belgian sole proprietors trust us.

You don’t have to believe us. Rather, believe what other Belgian entrepreneurs have to say about Dexxter.